Down the Procurement Pub Peter Smith -

Synertrade and Basware and BCG

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Aluminum 332 Taras Berezowsky -

The U.S. aluminum industry is anxiously awaiting the outcome of an aluminum 332 investigation.

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Intenda: Vendor Snapshot (Part 2) — Product Strengths and Weaknesses

This brief explores Intenda’s strengths and weaknesses as a procurement suite provider to help procurement organizations in their shortlist decisions.

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Intenda: Vendor Snapshot (Part 1) — Background and Solution Overview

This brief explores Intenda's strengths and weaknesses in the P2P market.

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BlueCart: Vendor Snapshot (Part 3) — Competitive and Summary Analysis

This brief covering BlueCart offers a competitive analysis and comparison to other order management and procure-to-pay options in the restaurant industry.

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